A Mom's Letter


Jan. 11th 2016

Dear Boys & Girls Club of Kootenai County,

     I write this letter as an enthusiastic and grateful voice in support of the Boys & Girls Club and in acknowledgment of the quality programming and care the Club provides. 

     This is my son's third year as a member of the Club. As a mother, it is invaluable that my son spends his days in a positive, healthy environment that affords him the opportunity to grow and explore personally, socially, and academically.  I am heartened that, on a daily basis, he is surrounded by staff that care about him and approach their jobs with care, compassion, responsibility, and commitment. I am grateful for the quality of role modeling they have provided. In my countless visits to the club site, I have seen the staff address and speak with their charges with respect, humor and discipline. I have witnessed the staff work with the children as individuals and honor each of their spirits and personalities. At the same time, the staff runs a tight ship and sets appropriate boundaries and expectations of their members, which creates a healthy and safe environment for everyone involved.  I have watched as the staff work with each family to meet their needs. I have experienced the effective and frequent communication between parent and staff. I have never witnessed any staff be anything but positive, engaged, and an asset.  I have been impressed with the programming including homework and academic support, pottery classes, science exploration, athletic programs, leadership programs, and other fantastic opportunities for the members. 

     In the three years of club membership, I have never bee anything but completely satisfied and grateful. More importantly, my son feels safe and secure while at the Club. 


Simply a Grateful Mom