Cathy's Letter


Jan 27. 2016

     I love the Boys & Girls Club of Kootenai County. Without it, being a working parent would be impossible. First, it is affordable. Just this alone has made it so much easier to go to work and not worry about expensive after school care and has helped us save for the kids’ future. Second, the location at Sorensen was super convenient since my kids have been there for 9 years. My middle school child has walked with friends to Sorensen and I know she is not home alone at 3 pm. She has time to do homework and help out with the younger kids. My 6th grader has been attending the program as well. She loves the activities in the gym, Power Hour, and the teen area. Both kids loved their counselors and never complained about after school care or made me feel bad as a parent for working and not being home after school. Boys & Girls Club has filled this gap for me.

     I am excited for the new Boys & Girls Club at Lakes Middle School. Next year my child will have a safe and close after school program. She will have the opportunity to mentor younger children and I think it’s a step toward good leadership skills for her.

    Boys & Girls Club has made me not feel bad for working towards my kids’ future. It has given my kids a safe place to be after school, and has taught them leadership skills, respect, and community.

     I love Boys & Girls Club and hope that my children will continue to be an active part of the group, as they get older hopefully they can develop into counselors.

So glad I found you.

Cathy G.