Jack & Amy's Letter


Dec. 8th, 2015 

     The Boys & Girls Club of Kootenai County has given our family such a sense of community and support. It’s a place where our boys go and feel accepted and cared for. They receive opportunities that they would not have had like cooking classes, bowling, biking, and even a shopping spree. We have watched their confidence grow as they feel this wonderful sense of belonging and accomplishment.

     As parents, the Boys & Girls Club has made us feel like we are not alone in this journey of raising children! It is a safe place with competent staff that mentor our children and include us in their activities like family night, barbeques, a chili cook, and holiday parties. We have been included in baseball games and even a play at our local Kroc Center. These are activities we would not be able to do with our boys if it wasn’t for the support of the Boys & Girls Club.

     Being a part of this establishment has greatly enhanced our lives and we are so very thankful for our local Boys & Girls Club and their wonderful staff.


Jack & Amy S.