The 3rd Annual Chili Cook-Off had a Huge Turnout!

Thank you to everyone for coming to our event, over 300 people attended!

We hope if you were able to attend you had a wonderful time, and for those who didn't please come to our next chili cook-off!

Chili Winners:

First Place: Cole & Kim Olsonberg

Second Place: Post Falls Kiwanas

Most Creative: Michelle Dehart

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Chili Donors:

  • Chentel Morrison
  • Zach Matchett
  • Jessica Plummer
  • Kenneth McDilda
  • Lynn McGee
  • Post Falls Rotary 
  • Post Falls Kiwanas
  • Schwartzmeyers
  • Cole & Kim Olsonberg
  • Michelle Dehart

Cornbread Donor:

  • Cathy from Big Bear Deli did over 300 pieces of corn bread for the event.


  • Mandy Surrat-Florin
  • Mario
  • Ally Staff

Donation of Candy / Pumpkins / Décor :

  • Tara Smith
  • Post Falls Food Bank
  • Eric Thorneycroft

Shout Out Section

Post Falls Rotary:

Post Falls Kiwanis Club:

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